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We’re All in This Together

Across America students did their part to help lead the country to victory in World War II. They saved their dimes to buy War Bonds which helped pay for the war. They ‘scrapped’ by collecting materials such as metal and rubber that could be repurposed to make equipment like tanks and guns. They and their families rationed food and even grew their own in their Victory Gardens. The young people during the war years grew up in a culture of hope and sacrifice and understood the message that WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

In the WYES and The National WWII Museum Electronic Field Trip WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, student reporters Chris Martinez, Eliana de Las Casas, Caroline Zimmer and Miguel Molina hear first hand about what it was like to be among the 42 million children on the home front during the war.  The students embark on an educational tour through The National WWII Museum with museum volunteers Joyce Dunn, Jim Bryant, Sylvia Murphy and Ronnie Abboud, who themselves were school students during the war. Their recollections bring the World War II home front experience to life and serve as an excellent primary source in teaching students about the history of the war years.

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Oscar Valeton, Sr., | The Times-Picayune

This Electronic Field Trip (EFT) is brought to you by WYES-TV/New Orleans, The National WWII Museum and The Selley Foundation.

What is an Electronic Field Trip (EFT)?

An Electronic Field Trip is an interactive lesson delivered directly to your students at school through a streamed webcast. The webcast (approximately 40-45 minutes in length) is geared to grades 5-8 and features a live discussion with an expert panel, historians, dramatic video, and fun facts.


WYES and The National WWII Museum's EFT, REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR, won a 2017 Suncoast Regional Emmy. The EFT has been seen by over 200,000 students nationwide and was produced by award-winning producers Marcia Kavanaugh and Tom Gregory.


WYES and The National WWII Museum's first Electronic Field Trip collaboration, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, recently won an award for excellence in "Instructional Media" at the 2016 NETA Awards competition. The NETA Awards recognizes the achievements of members of the National Educational Telecommunications Association in community engagement, instructional media, promotion & marketing, and content production, both online and broadcast.